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They call it coaching, but it is teaching. You don't
just tell them - you show them the reasons.
Vince Lombardi

I can do all things through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13


Not an Athlete?

NTS Athletic Development also offers training packages designed to decrease weight and improve your health.  Click here for more information.

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Mission – To provide Middle School through Collegiate and Professional Athletes as well as Adult Fitness enthusiast, with the most advanced hands-on neurological training specifically designed to enhance strength, speed, power, agility, reaction, coordination, balance, body awareness, and flexibility.  Thus providing participants with the tools needed to succeed in sport and life, showing them their true potential for success.

Why NTS Athletic Development?
NTS Athletic Development has been helping athletes and adults, in Stevens Point and the surrounding communities of central Wisconsin since 2005, reach their sport and fitness goals.

As scientifically minded strength coaches, we realize that an athlete’s true potential for success can not be reached until the nervous system has been programmed to work at its optimum.  Too often in the field of athletic performance, coaches and athletes undermine the importance of the nervous system and focus only on the training of individual muscles.  Athletes are often excessively trained in a manner that focuses on the amount of work performed rather than the quality of and purpose of it.  That’s why NTS Athletic Development’s focus is to train functional movement patterns for sport, not muscles.   NTS programs train athletes as an athlete, not as a bodybuilder orworker.  This is realized through individualized Olympic and free weight training programs utilizing the Neurological Training System (NTS)

Anyone can tell someone to run through a bunch of drills.  Anyone can tell someone to go do some squats, cleans, bench, etc.  Not everyone can instruct an athlete on how to perform a lift or run through a drill properly with maximum efficiency.  Not everyone can write individualized sport specific programs that have a specific purpose for each day of training.  NTS Athletic Development will help you achieve greater athletic success than you have ever seen.  Our staff will ensure you have all the tools needed for success.  We critically monitor and evaluate your training to ensure exact implementation, quality of movement, and program progression.

Prior to the start of your training, you will complete a 40 minute orientation to your training. At that time, we will go over a medical history questionnaire and physical activity background that allows your program to be further tailored to your individual needs.  No two people are alike, neither are our programs.  Each individual is guided through a program specific to their own needs.

What NTS Athletic Development can do for :
Athletes and Coaches:

With NTS Athletic Development, you’ll see improvements in:

Strength Speed Jumping
Power Sprinting Agility
Reaction Balance Stability
Endurance Flexibility Coordination
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